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Each art, music, and arts administration major has an advisor in the department. When declaring her major, the student must meet either with the Chair who can help her chose an appropriate advisor or with a faculty member whom she has asked to be her advisor, then meet with the Chair. When a student is considering becoming a major, she should make an appointment with the Chair or a faculty member in the department to talk about her interests and needs. Those interested in a minor in art, music, or arts administration should also talk with the department chair or the faculty member whom she would like to be her advisor.

It is the student's responsibility to make an appointment to see her faculty advisor at least twice a year, usually during pre-registration periods. If, for some urgent reason, a student must register without seeing her advisor, she should e-mail the advisor to consult on courses for which she wishes to register.

It is the responsibility of the faculty advisor to be accessible to students during weekly office hours and to hold adequate office hours during registration periods. Regular office hours are available on class syllabi and in the department office, C426.

Because departments at Simmons are small, faculty usually get to know students well through informal as well as formal contacts. The faculty also sponsors activities, such as the monthly exhibition openings in the Trustman Gallery, that bring together professors, students, and those in the Simmons community interested in art, music, and arts administration.