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Majors offered in music include arts administration, and a music major with a music history and literature track or an applied music (performance) track. The study of music can lead to careers in a wide variety of fields, including teaching, performance, arts administration, music editing and publishing, recording, programming for radio and television broadcasts, etc. The major in music would be enriched if combined with a major in another area, such as English, communications, management, or history.

Requirements: Students are required to complete thirty-two semester hours in one of the tracks listed below.

Applied Music Track

  • Four applied music courses
  • One course in music theory
  • One course in music history and literature
  • Two electives, chosen from music history or theory courses, depending upon interest

Music History and Literature Track

  • Four music history and literature courses (two at the 200 level)
  • One course in theory or theoretical studies
  • One applied music course
  • Two electives chosen from music history, theory, or applied studies, depending upon interest