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Listen Live!

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Go to 'Radio' on the left sidebar of Apple iTunes, expand 'College Radio' and scroll down to 'Simmons College Radio.'

Intercollegiate Broadcasting System
2011 - East Coast Radio and Webcasting Conference
November 5, 2011 - Simmons College Boston

  • 8:00 - Registration - Coffee - Mingle
  • 9:15 - Session Block #1

    Building Your News & Information Image
    Panel Host: Len Mailloux - 30-year veteran radio news director

    Entrepreneurship in Media
    Panel Host: Mark Wood - Independent Media Producer

    Management Tips & Techniques
    Panel Host: Larry Miller - Veteran Broadcaster - Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for helping to start Underground Radio in America
    Matt Cunningham - Supervisor - WCRX - Columbia College, Chicago

    Web Design for Your Station
    Panel Host: Sarah Dulaney - Independent Web Designer and Consultant

    Radio Engineering
    Panel Host: Fred Krampitts - WTCC - Springfield Technical Community College
  • 10:30 - Session Block #2

    Tips for Better Production
    Panel Host: Larry Miller

    Backpack Journalism
    Panel Host: Mark Wood

    FCC Bootcamp
    Panel Host: Allen Myers - IBS Vice President for Regulatory Matters and 30-year FCC veteran

    Marketing Online Without a Budget
    Panel Host: Sarah Dulaney

    Use of Social Media in Your Station
    Panel Hosts: Dr. E. Michael Harrington - William Paterson University
    Matt Cunningham - Supervisor - WCRX, Columbia College
  • 11:45 - Gather for Lunch and Keynote Speaker
  • Noon - Keynote Speaker
    Michael Harrison - Publisher of "Talkers" magazine - the bible of the talk radio industry.
    Radio - Changes - Challenges & the Future
  • 1:15 - Session Block #3

    Underwriting and Fundraising

    Panel Host: John Murphy - Veteran WHUS General Manager - IBS Board

    Starting Your Own Station
    Panel Host: Fritz Kass - IBS COO

    Creativity Workshop
    Panel Host: Len Mailloux

    Future of Music
    Panel Host. Dr. E. Michael Harrington

    Finding That First Job
    Panel Host: Lee Dickman - CBS Radio, Boston
  • 2:30 - Session Block #4

    Music Copyrights and Royalties
    Panel Hosts: Fritz Kass, IBS - Walter McDonough - Future of Music Coalition

    Exploring and Finding Alternative Jobs in Radio
    Panel Host: Lee Dickman

    Marketing Your Station on Campus and in the Community
    Panel Hosts: John Murphy - IBS Board - Len Mailloux - IBS Board
  • 3:30 - Wrap Up Session - Idea and Information Exchange