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The following is a list of courses currently listed within the Computer Science Curriculum. To view more information, please click on a course's title. You may also sort this list by course name, course number, credit hours, or type. Please note that all courses numbered 400 and above are graduate level courses.

Course Name Number Credits Type
Total 20 Courses
Computer Networks CS-227 4.00 Lecture
Computer Org. & Architecture CS-226 4.00 Lecture
Data Structures CS-232 4.00 Lecture
Data Structures Lab CS-232L 0.00 LAB
Database Mgmt. Systems CS-333 4.00 Lecture
Directed Study CS-349 4.00 DIR
GUI and Event Driven Program CS-113 4.00 Lecture
Independent Study CS-350 4.00 INS
Internship CS-370 8.00 INT
Intro to Computer Science CS-112 4.00 Lecture
Intro to Computer Science Lab CS-112L 0.00 LAB
Operating Systems CS-345 4.00 Lecture
Org & Arch Lab CS-226L 0.00 LAB
Security Iss Network Envir CS-327 4.00 Lecture
Security Iss. Net. Env. Lab CS-327L 0.00 Lecture
Structure & Org Program Lang CS-330 4.00 Lecture
Systems Analysis CS-343 4.00 Lecture
The Science of Sound & Image CS-111 4.00 Lecture
Web Centric Programming CS-321 4.00 Lecture
Web Technologies Lab CS-321L 0.00 LAB