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Major in Computer Science

Major in Computer Science

For students interested in the development of technology, as well as the application of advanced technology, we offer a computer science major and minor. Computer scientists develop solutions to highly technical problems and are generally at the forefront of advanced technology. They learn to think critically, logically, and abstractly. They gain both an understanding of the underlying theory and concepts of computing as well as the facility to integrate theory with practice. They are problem solvers. Students take advanced technology courses, beyond the common core, which focus on system and technology development. Students are prepared for careers in programming, web development, system support, network administration, database design, computer and network security, applications development, and software engineering.

The department also provides academically outstanding and highly motivated majors the opportunity to produce a rigorous thesis as the culmination of a two-semester project, beginning with a preparatory semester of related independent research.


  • CS 112 Introduction to Programming
  • CS 113 GUI and Event-Driven Programming
  • CS 226 Computer Organization and Architecture
  • CS 227 Computer Networks
  • CS 232 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CS 330 Structure and Organization of Programming Languages
  • CS 345 Operating Systems
  • PHIL 225 Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Information Technology
  • MATH 210 Discrete Mathematics
  • One mathematics course numbered MATH 118 and above

Electives (choice of three):

  • CS 321 Web Services and Web-Centric Programming
  • CS 321 Web Services and Web-Centric Programming
  • CS 327 Security Issues in a Networked Environment
  • CS 333 Database Management Systems
  • CS 334 Special Topics in Computer Science
  • CS 343 or LIS 486 Systems Analysis
  • LIS technology courses as approved