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Kathleen Dunn Scholars

Kathleen Dunn Scholars

This five-year program is planned for students who wish to take more liberal arts and science electives at the undergraduate level in addition to their liberal arts and science majors, and who wish to have a year-long internship at the graduate level.

The fifth year of the program is an internship in a public school. Programs are individually arranged to meet students' specific needs. Students must complete a formal application to the MAT program during their junior year. The two degrees will be awarded sequentially or concurrently, depending on each student's course of study. The all-College independent learning requirement must be completed during the fourth year of the program for students to receive their undergraduate degree at that time. Students in the integrated program will receive initial licensure.


The MAT degree requires completion of 36 semester hours beyond the 128 needed for the BA or BS for initial licensure. Program administrators will explain all options for the integrated degrees. Applicants to the program must have a minimum GPA of 3.00. In addition, general education majors must have achieved a passing score on the Communication and Literacy sections of the MTEL.

See the directors of clinical programs in general or special education for program requirements.