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J. Douglas Perry

J. Douglas Perry
Professor Emeritus

Doug Perry arrived at Simmons in 1968, with a B.A. from Yale, and an M.A. and Ph.D. from Temple University, where he had also been teaching, part-time and then full-time for five years. His studies had centered largely on 20th century American fiction, but he quickly expanded his range to cover all 19th and 20th century American literature to meet the needs of the English program, and now teaches courses in these areas from survey to seminar, to undergraduate and graduate students alike. In addition, he has maintained a steadfast commitment to teaching freshman to write. Within the scope of the current freshman writing program - a multi-disciplinary core course focused on multi-culturalism - he has designed a course on the Fifties, using literature and film, historical studies and social commentary to convey the essence of that quietly significant decade.

Doug has published several articles on modern American writers, but lately, in order to reach a broader audience, he has set up a web page containing critical pieces about the writings of those authors he knows and loves best: notably Fitzgerald and Faulkner, Roth and Styron, Dickinson and Melville.

In his off-hours, Doug pursues his obsession with the song-writing giants of the American theatre: Kern, Berlin, Porter, Gershwin, Rodgers (with Hart and Hammerstein), and Sondheim.  Most recently he has been named to chair the Department of English.


Doctor of Philosophy
Temple University