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Studying abroad is a life-changing experience where students don't just visit a country, but live as a part of that culture. When living in another city, students are provided with the opportunity to experience the customs, speak the language, and understand a way of life that is unlike theirs. Students that study abroad gain something that other college students do not--cultural awareness. Through becoming a part of a different culture, students are given a new perspective which will be beneficial not only throughout their careers, but throughout their lives.

First and second years

Particularly in students' first and second years at the College, the Honors Program strongly encourages its students to join Simmons faculty on a one-month travel course abroad.  Course offerings are available in October for the following May.

Third and fourth years

The Honors Program encourages advanced students to plan for a summer, semester or full year abroad, uniting their disciplinary work with study as well as internships. To this end, we strongly recommend students in every discipline maintain their study of language past the required 201 level.  The best programs, internships, and funding possibilities depend on a student's fluency in the language of the country.

Hear it from our students...

"Through explorations of what it means to be a member of society, through education, philosophy, and economics, and through interacting with other students in my learning community, I grew tremendously. All that work pays off!" - Larisa Svirsky, Class of 2010