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Major in Retail Management

Major in Retail Management

Susan D. Sampson, Director
The Prince Program in Retail Management, established in 1905 by Lucinda Prince, has long been recognized as one of the country's most prestigious undergraduate programs specifically geared toward preparing women for a career in all aspects of retailing. Retailing is a major segment of the U.S. and global economy and success in this industry greatly depends upon the retailer's ability to adapt to changing demographics and lifestyles, respond quickly and effectively to global competition, utilize the available technology, and apply sound marketing and financial management. The Prince Program equips its graduates with the academic foundation and the experiential tools required to succeed in this environment.

Required Elective Courses

  • MGMT 236 Retail Management
  • MGMT 394 Comparative Retail Strategies    
  • Electives

    The student will select three electives from the following list:

    • MGMT 221 Project Management
    • MGMT 225 The Manager and the Legal Environment
    • MGMT 229 Corporate Social Responsibilty
    • MGMT 231 Creating Brand Value
    • MGMT 232 Marketing Communications in the Age of Social Media
    • MGMT 233 Developing Customer Relationships
    • MGMT 137 Entrepreneurship
    • MGMT 290 Special Topics in Management: Seminar (when relevant)
    • MGMT 335 Marketing Research
    • MGMT 337 Team Based Entrepreneurship
    • MGMT 348 The Sustainable Supply Chain