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The Undergraduate Management Program offers four core majors: Business and Management, Marketing, Retail Management, and Finance. Joint majors are also available in Arts Administration (see Department of Art and Music) as well as in Chemistry-Management (see Department of Chemistry). Students also are encouraged to double major or minor with other programs such as economics, communications, English, and computer science..

Management minors provide depth in a specific functional discipline (for example, entrepreneurship or emerging global markets) when taken with a Management major, or they serve as a complement to majors outside of the School of Management.  All minors consist of five courses. For those minors with electives, the electives should be chosen in consultation with the minor advisor. With the exception of the minor in business, any minor may be taken by students majoring in one of the four management majors.  Majors in the management program may double count up to two courses for both their major and minor requirements. 

 Students are advised to declare a management major or minor in their sophomore year.

All four core majors share a common set of prerequisites and required core courses.

Prerequisites & Common Core Courses

Prerequisites outside the management department include Microeconomics and Introductory Statistics. Required core courses include the courses in management, accounting, organizational communication, marketing, finance, operations, strategy, and a "capstone" course.


  • ECON 100 Principles of Microeconomics
  • MATH 118 Introductory Statistics

Required Core Courses:

  • MGMT 100 Foundations of Business & Management
  • MGMT 110 Financial Accounting
  • MGMT 234 Organizational Communication and Behavior
  • MGMT 250 Marketing
  • MGMT 260 Finance
  • MGMT 325 Operations Management and Decision Making
  • MGMT 340 Strategy

Each studnent completes four additional courses and a capstone course in  her specific major (see the individual major descriptions) for a total of 20 credit hours in electives. All prerequisites and core courses must be completed prior to taking the capstone in each major.

Independent Learning Requirement

The independent learning requirement is met by taking MGMT 370 Internship. For Dix Scholars with significant previous work experience, MGMT 350 Independent Study or MGMT 380 Fieldwork may be substituted for MGMT 370 with permission of the Program Chair.