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Major in Mathematics

Major in Mathematics

The increasing complexity of society has made the mathematical sciences important for people trying to solve problems in the social sciences and management as well as in the sciences. In addition, the pure mathematical areas continue to appeal to many as an intellectual discipline, art form, or game. The major in mathematics is designed to provide a strong background in various mathematical sciences and their applications. Through her choice of electives, a student may prepare for graduate work or careers in statistics, scientific programming, operations research, or teaching.

There are many opportunities for students who are interested in combining mathematics with other disciplines. Joint and double majors exist with the biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, management, nursing, and psychology departments. Other fields may also be fruitfully combined with mathematics. Students interested in such majors should consult with the chairs of the departments involved.


The major in mathematics begins with the calculus sequence: MATH 120, 121, and 220. Other required courses are MATH 210 and 211 (normally taken in the sophomore year), MATH 118 (sophomore or junior year), MATH 310 (junior or senior year), MATH 320 and 321 (junior or senior year), and CS 112 (may be taken as early as the first year; with approval of the department, another programming course may be substituted for CS 112). In addition, mathematics majors must take either MATH 338 or MATH 343 as an elective. Finally, at least four semester hours of independent learning must be completed in mathematics. It is departmental policy that courses required for a major or minor should not be taken pass/fail.