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The following is a list of courses currently listed within the Modern Languages Curriculum. To view more information, please click on a course's title. You may also sort this list by course name, course number, credit hours, or type. Please note that all courses numbered 400 and above are graduate level courses.

Please note

This course information is derived from the Online Course Catalog, which is under development. The information may not be accurate and is provided only as a convenience. Please consult the print or PDF version of the Course Catalog for all official course information.

This is a list of courses currently offered
Course Name Number Credits Type
Total 88 Courses
World of Don Quijote SPAN-320 4.00 Lecture
Translation & Linguistics FREN-246 4.00 Lecture
Topics in French Cinema FREN-314 4.00 Lecture
Thesis FREN-355 4.00 INS
Thesis SPAN-355 4.00 INS
The Quest for Identity: Self FREN-266 4.00 Lecture
Studies in Span Cult SPAN-310 4.00 Lecture
Spoken Spanish Travel Course SPAN-240M 4.00 Lecture
Spoken French Travel Course FREN-240M 4.00 Lecture
Soc & Poli Iss Spain- Travel SPAN-253M 4.00 Lecture
Sem:special Topics SPAN-395 4.00 Lecture
STC Program Cost Spain SPAN-201T 0.00 Lecture
STC Program Cost Spain SPAN-240T 0.00 Lecture
STC Program Cost France FREN-240T 0.00 Lecture
Pushing Limits: Quest for Free SPAN-264 4.00 Lecture
Pushing Limits: Quest for Free SPAN-464 4.00 Lecture
Program Costs STC Spain SPAN-253T 0.00 Lecture
Politics & Society in Latin Am SPAN-512 4.00 Lecture
Politics & Society in Latin Am SPAN-312 4.00 Lecture
Outside France FREN-316 4.00 Lecture
Newspaper Kanji and Trans. JAPN-320 4.00 Lecture
Migrant in the City: Fieldwor SPAN-580 4.00 FWK
Migrant in City: Fieldwork Sem SPAN-380 4.00 FWK
Masterpieces in Chinese Lit. CHIN-250 4.00 Lecture
Making of Spain: Spanish Cult. SPAN-510 4.00 Lecture
Love,War & Parody Span Fiction SPAN-322 4.00 Lecture
Latin American Women Writers SPAN-336 4.00 Lecture
Latin America Women Writers SPAN-536 4.00 Lecture
Japanese Civilization Travel JAPN-310T 0.00 Lecture
Japanese Civilization JAPN-310M 4.00 Lecture
Italian Directed Study ITAL-349 4.00 DIR
Intro to Lit of Latin Am. SPAN-466 4.00 Lecture
Internship FREN-370 8.00 INT
Internship SPAN-370 4.00 INT
Intermediate Spanish I STC SPAN-201M 4.00 Lecture
Intermediate Japanese II JAPN-202 4.00 Lecture
Intermediate Japanese I JAPN-201 4.00 Lecture
Intermediate Italian II ITAL-202 4.00 Lecture
Intermediate Italian I ITAL-201 4.00 Lecture
Intermediate Chinese II CHIN-202 4.00 Lecture
Intermediate Chinese I CHIN-201 4.00 Lecture
Intermed Spanish I SPAN-201 4.00 Lecture
Interm. Spanish II SPAN-202 4.00 Lecture
Interm French II FREN-202 4.00 Lecture
Interm French I FREN-201 4.00 Lecture
Inside France: Stud Fren Cultu FREN-310 4.00 Lecture
Inside France FREN-310M 4.00 Lecture
Independent Study JAPN-350 4.00 INS
Independent Study CHIN-350 4.00 INS
Independent Study EAS-350 4.00 INS
Independent Study FREN-350 4.00 INS
Independent Study SPAN-350 4.00 INS
Independent Study SPAN-450 4.00 INS
Image of Bourgeoisie Span Nov SPAN-469 4.00 Lecture
Image of Bourgeoise Span Nov SPAN-269 4.00 Lecture
Identity in Latin American Lit SPAN-266 4.00 Lecture
Hispanic Short Story SPAN-465 4.00 Lecture
Hispanic Culture through Film SPAN-314 4.00 Lecture
Hispanic Culture through Film SPAN-514 4.00 Lecture
Elementary Japanese II JAPN-102 4.00 Lecture
Elementary Japanese I JAPN-101 4.00 Lecture
Elementary Italian II ITAL-102 4.00 Lecture
Elementary Italian I ITAL-101 4.00 Lecture
Elementary Chinese II CHIN-102 4.00 Lecture
Elementary Chinese I CHIN-101 4.00 Lecture
Elementary Arab II ARAB-102 4.00 Lecture
Elem Spanish II SPAN-102 4.00 Lecture
Elem Spanish I SPAN-101 4.00 Lecture
Elem French II FREN-102 4.00 Lecture
Elem French I FREN-101 4.00 Lecture
Directed Study JAPN-349 4.00 DIR
Directed Study SPAN-449 4.00 DIR
Directed Study FREN-349 4.00 DIR
Directed Study SPAN-349 4.00 DIR
Conversation & Composition FREN-245 4.00 Lecture
Conversation & Composition SPAN-245 4.00 Lecture
Conv & Comp - GR SPAN-445 4.00 Lecture
Contemporary Latin Am Novel SPAN-532 4.00 Lecture
Contemporary Fiction Lat Amer SPAN-332 4.00 Lecture
Contemporary Critical theory SPAN-405 4.00 Lecture
Contemp Chinese Cinema CHIN-214 4.00 Lecture
Comtemporary Issues in France FREN-311 4.00 Lecture
Composition and Conversation JAPN-245 4.00 Lecture
City as Text: Paris Literary FREN-326 4.00 Lecture
Chinese Calligraphy CHIN-260 4.00 Lecture
Cervantes SPAN-520 4.00 Lecture
Adv. Intermed. Chinese CHIN-245 4.00 Lecture
20th c. Hispanic Short Story SPAN-265 4.00 Lecture

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