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The following is a list of courses currently listed within the Nursing Curriculum. To view more information, please click on a course's title. You may also sort this list by course name, course number, credit hours, or type. Please note that all courses numbered 400 and above are graduate level courses.

Please note

This course information is derived from the Online Course Catalog, which is under development. The information may not be accurate and is provided only as a convenience. Please consult the print or PDF version of the Course Catalog for all official course information.

This is a list of courses currently offered
Course Name Number Credits Type
Total 113 Courses
Variances Hlth Patt Childbear NURS-247 4.00 Lecture
Variance in Healt Pat Client NURS-348 4.00 Lecture
Variance Hlth Pattern Psy/Ill NURS-448 4.00 Lecture
Vari Hlth Patt Chldbering Fam NURS-447 4.00 Lecture
Var.Hlth.Patt.of Child/Family NURS-249L 0.00 LAB
Var.Hlth.Patt.of Child/Family NURS-449L 0.00 LAB
Var.Hlth.Patt.of Child. Fam. NURS-249 4.00 Lecture
Var.Hlth.Patt.of Child. Fam. NURS-449 4.00 Lecture
Var.Hlth.Patt.Clie/Ment. Lab NURS-348L 0.00 LAB
Var.Hlth. Patt. Childbear Lab NURS-247L 0.00 LAB
Var. Hlth. Patterns I Lab NURS-226L 0.00 LAB
Var. Hlth Patt Adul/Elders II NURS-238 8.00 Lecture
Var. Hlth Patt Adul/Elders II NURS-438 8.00 Lecture
Var. Hlth Patt Ad/Eld II Lab NURS-238L 0.00 LAB
Var. Hlth Patt Ad/Eld II Lab NURS-438L 0.00 LAB
Toxicology NURS-573 2.00 Lecture
Scholarly Inquiry in Nursing NURS-102 2.00 Lecture
Scholarly Inquiry II NURS-508 2.00 Lecture
Scholarly Inquiry I NURS-507 3.00 Lecture
Research Practicum NURS-509 3.00 PRA
Research Methods in Adv. Prac. NURS-640 3.00 Lecture
RN Internship II NURS-459 1.00 INT
RN Internship I NURS-458 1.00 INT
Quality Imp. in Health Care NURS-675 3.00 Lecture
Professional Leadership and Pr NURS-630 3.00 Lecture
Professional Issues in Nursing NURS-100 2.00 Lecture
Primary Hlth Care Nrsng I- Ped NURS-561 3.00 PRA
Primary Care Nursing III:Peds NURS-564 3.00 Lecture
Primary Care Nursing III:Geri NURS-588 3.00 Lecture
Primary Care Nurs. III: Adult NURS-584 3.00 Lecture
Prim Hlth Care Nsg I: Adult NURS-581 3.00 PRA
Prim Care Nursing of Women NURS-566 3.00 Lecture
Prim Care Nurs Ii: Adult/Wom H NURS-582 3.00 Lecture
Patterns Adult/Elders I Lab NURS-426L 0.00 LAB
Patterns Adult/Elders I NURS-226 4.00 Lecture
Patterns Adult/Elders I NURS-426 2.00 Lecture
Parent-Child Nurs II:Pediatric NURS-562 3.00 Lecture
Nursing Research NURS-390 4.00 Lecture
Nursing Process and Skills Lab NURS-225L 0.00 LAB
Nursing Process and Skills Lab NURS-425L 0.00 LAB
Nursing Process and Skills NURS-425 4.00 Lecture
Nursing Process and Skills NURS-225 4.00 Lecture
Nursing Leadership & Theory NURS-512 3.00 Lecture
Nursing Care Indiv, Fam, Comm NURS-387 4.00 Lecture
Nurse Manager Role NURS-513 4.00 Lecture
Nurs Care Indiv,Family,Commun NURS-487 4.00 Lecture
Microbiology NURS-421 4.00 Lecture
Leadership & Mgmt in Clinical NURS-454GR 4.00 Lecture
Leadership & Mgmt in Clinical NURS-454 4.00 Lecture
Leadership & Management Practi NURS-514 3.00 Lecture
Integ of Pharmac & Pathophys NURS-235 4.00 Lecture
Integ Pharmac Pathophys NURS-435 4.00 Lecture
Informatics NURS-660 3.00 Lecture
Independent Study NURS-651 1.00 INS
Independent Study NURS-350 2.00 INS
Independent Study NURS-450 1.00 INS
Ind., Fam., Comm. Lab NURS-337L 0.00 LAB
Ind., Fam., Comm. Lab NURS-437L 0.00 LAB
Health in the Workplace NURS-585 3.00 Lecture
Health Policy NURS-670 3.00 Lecture
Health Assessment Lab NURS-292L 0.00 LAB
Health Assessment Lab NURS-492L 0.00 LAB
Health Assessment NURS-292 4.00 Lecture
Health Assessment NURS-492 4.00 Lecture
Geriatrics/ Simulation NURS-238G 0.00 Lecture
Family Theory NURS-504 3.00 Lecture
Fam. Nurse Prac. Theory & Pra NURS-569 2.00 Lecture
FNP IV Primary Care Nursing NURS-503 4.00 Lecture
FNP IV Clin. Decision Making NURS-503A 3.00 Lecture
FNP III Prim. Care Nursing NURS-502 3.00 Lecture
FNP III Clin. Dec. Making NURS-502A 2.00 Lecture
FNP II Prim. Care Nurs. Child NURS-501 4.00 Lecture
FNP II Clin Decis. Making NURS-501A 1.00 Lecture
FNP I Clin. Decision Making NURS-500A 1.00 Lecture
FNP I Advance Hlth Assessment NURS-500 2.00 Lecture
Evidence-Based: Informatics NURS-589 3.00 Lecture
Ethical & Legal Iss. Adv Prac NURS-620 3.00 Lecture
Ergonomics/Human Factors NURS-575 2.00 Lecture
Epidemiology NURS-650 3.00 Lecture
Dimensions for Prof. Nursing NURS-234 4.00 Lecture
DNP Capstone Completion NURS-690 0.00 Lecture
Community Clinical NURS-387L 0.00 Lecture
Community Clinical NURS-487L 0.00 LAB
Clinical Practicum- Peds NURS-561A 1.00 PRA
Clinical Pract.: Adult Hlth. NURS-581A 1.00 PRA
Clinical Lab NURS-448L 0.00 LAB
Clinical Geriatric Nursing NURS-583 3.00 Lecture
Clinical Decision Making NURS-455GR 4.00 Lecture
Clinical Decision Making NURS-455 4.00 Lecture
Clinical Decision Make. I:peds NURS-560A 1.00 Lecture
Clinical Decision Mak I: Adult NURS-580A 1.00 Lecture
Clin. Dec. Making III: Geri. NURS-588A 4.00 Lecture
Clin. Dec. Mak Ii: Wmn's Hlth. NURS-582B 3.00 Lecture
Clin Dec Making III: Adult NURS-584A 4.00 Lecture
Clin Dec Mak: Women's Health NURS-566A 4.00 Lecture
Clin Dec Mak Ii: Adult NURS-582A 3.00 Lecture
Clin Dec Mak III: Peds NURS-564A 4.00 Lecture
Clin Dec Mak I: Diag. Reason. NURS-591A 2.00 Lecture
Clin Dec Mak Hc Nurse Pediatri NURS-562A 3.00 Lecture
Childbearing Lab NURS-447L 0.00 LAB
Capstone Scholarly Project NURS-750 1.00 Lecture
Cancer Pathobiology NURS-591 2.00 Lecture
Biostatistics NURS-655 3.00 Lecture
Biochemistry NURS-439 4.00 Lecture
Anatomy and Physiology NURS-431 4.00 Lecture
Advanced Pathophysiology NURS-404 4.00 Lecture
Advanced Leadership Practicum NURS-516 2.00 PRA
Advanced Leadership NURS-515 3.00 Lecture
Advanced Health Assessment: Ad NURS-580 2.00 Lecture
Advanced Concepts-Leadership NURS-545 3.00 Lecture
Adv. Pharm. Across Life Span I NURS-422 3.00 Lecture
Adv. Health Assessment: Pedi. NURS-560 2.00 Lecture
Adv Pharm Across Life Span II NURS-423 2.00 Lecture

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