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Major in Nutrition and Food Science

Major in Nutrition and Food Science

Students interested in a major in food science and nutrition should complete the nutrition requirements listed below. The all-College policy requires a student to repeat a course if a grade of F is earned, since no credit is received for a failed course. Students will be encouraged to repeat a course in which a grade of D-, D, or D+ is earned. Suggested sequencing will be determined by the student with consultation from her adviser. It should be noted that this major does not meet the DPD requirements.


Course Name Number Credits Type
Total 8 Courses
General Biology BIOL-113 4.00 Lecture
Microbiology BIOL-221 4.00 Lecture
Anatomy & Physiology I BIOL-231 4.00 Lecture
Anatomy & Physiology II BIOL-232 4.00 Lecture
Intro. Chemistry: Inorganic CHEM-111 4.00 Lecture
Intro. Chemistry: Organic CHEM-112 4.00 Lecture
Intro Biochemistry CHEM-223 4.00 Lecture
Introductory Statistics MATH-118 4.00 Lecture

Required Courses

Students may select to take either NUTR 111 or NUTR 112 to fulfill the requirements.

Course Name Number Credits Type
Total 10 Courses
Field Experience NUTR-380 4.00 FWK
Independent Study NUTR-350 4.00 INS
Food Science NUTR-101 4.00 Lecture
Fundamentals of Nutrition Sci NUTR-111 4.00 Lecture
Introduction to Nutrition Sci NUTR-112 4.00 Lecture
Adv. Food Science NUTR-201 4.00 Lecture
Practice Commun Nutrition NUTR-237 4.00 Lecture
Nutrient Metabolism NUTR-311 4.00 Lecture
Med. Nutrition Therapy NUTR-334 6.00 Lecture
Sem: Topics in Nutrition NUTR-390 4.00 Lecture

Additional Science Requirements

Choose three of the following courses.

Course Name Number Credits Type
Total 5 Courses
Advanced Topics in Biochem. CHEM-347 4.00 Lecture
Organic Chemistry II CHEM-225 4.00 Lecture
Quantitative Analysis CHEM-226 4.00 Lecture
Cell Biology BIOL-225 4.00 Lecture
Genetics BIOL-336 4.00 Lecture