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Simmons College's professional program in physical therapy is a nationally respected leader in physical therapy education with a more than 50-year history. Situated in the School for Health Sciences, the professional program offers a unique interdisciplinary environment that prepares graduates to meet the challenges of today's health-care system. The curriculum emphasizes a problem-based, self-directed approach to learning, using case studies to integrate basic science and clinical knowledge and skills in conjunction with psychosocial, ethical, and behavioral aspects of patient care. In small group tutorials, students work closely with individual faculty to explore information and develop clinical insights and professional behaviors. Professional practice is a fundamental component of the curriculum accomplished through integrated clinical experiences and fulltime clinical internships. Program graduates practice in a variety of health care settings with individuals of all ages. They demonstrate excellent clinical skills, leadership, and confidence and are successful practitioners.

Entering as a Freshman

For students entering as first year undergraduates, the major extends over a period of six years. The first three years are devoted to fulfilling requirements in the necessary basic and social sciences, liberal arts, and electives. During the final three years, students are enrolled in the graduate program at the School for Health Sciences and take courses in the professional curriculum. At the end of four years, a student receives a BS degree. At the end of six years, a clinical doctoral degree is awarded (DPT). The completion of the doctoral degree is required to be eligible to take the examination for licensure and to practice physical therapy.

Throughout the six years at Simmons, students in physical therapy must meet certain academic requirements. These requirements should be reviewed by the student periodically to ensure that all appropriate steps are taken toward meeting them. Students must complete all prerequisite science courses, language requirements, math competency, and modes of inquiry requirements by the end of their third year at Simmons. In order to matriculate into the professional program, students must have a 3.00 GPA in the prerequisite science courses at the end of the junior year. If at any time a student's academic work, conduct, or health is unsatisfactory, she may be required to withdraw from the major. For further descriptions of the academic requirements, student responsibilities, and the professional curriculum, the physical therapy catalog may be viewed online at the Physical Therapy Program site.

Transfer Students

You may apply to Simmons as an undergraduate transfer student and be considered for admission to the professional phase of the Physical Therapy Program. You must complete five of the nine required prerequisite science courses at Simmons, and you must have a 3.0 GPA across the 9 science courses in order to be considered for matriculation into the profession program. Additionally, you will need to meet all the requirements for an undergraduate degree from Simmons as well as the requirement for health care experience before matriculation into the professional program.


The program affiliates with approximately 200 institutions across the country, offering students a wide variety of clinical settings in which to participate in the practice of physical therapy.