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Framewrks for PT: Sketetal 3

This course is designed to advance the hands on skills and clinical decision making strategies utilized in the evaluation and treatment of patients with musculoskeletal diagnoses. The course format will allow students to integrate and apply previous knowledge and skills to new contexts. The history, evidence, clinical decision making strategies and efficacy of manual therapy including thrust manipulation in contemporary physical therapy practice will lay the framework for the study of more advanced topics including the management of individuals with temporomandibular joint dysfunction, upper cervical spine and head ached related conditions, thoracic outlet syndrome, adolescent scoliosis, women's health related issues, and amputations. The semester includes lecture and laboratory, and will utilize concurrent integrated clinical experiences as applicable.
(4 credits)

Course details

  • Course number: PT-736
  • Credits: 4.00
  • Academic Level: Graduate
  • Currently Offered: Yes
  • Course Type: Lecture


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