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What can Physics Majors do at Simmons? 

Why study Physics?

Students study physics at Simmons to gain an understanding of the basic, universal laws of the natural world and appreciate how this knowledge is used to design diverse devices that have tremendous implications on our lives, such as pacemakers, artificial limbs, integrated circuits, or rocket engines.

Many of today's most interesting areas of research are at the interface of different science and engineering disciplines. Our curriculum, research programs, and collaborations reflect this. On the practical side, this approach helps prepare students for diverse careers. For example, premed students and science majors with a first major in another discipline often major or minor in physics as well in order to enhance and differentiate their backgrounds and widen their research experiences.

Recent physics majors and minors have taken positions in industry or education or have entered medical school, law school, dental school, or Ph.D. programs in physics, chemistry, biochemistry, or engineering.