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Minor in Physics of Materials

Minor in Physics of Materials

The minor in the physics of materials exposes students to some of the key topics in materials science and provides students with opportunities to participate in materials research and use advanced instrumentation. The experience and knowledge gained are particularly relevant because technological advances in all areas, from growing artificial skin to developing faster computers, are critically dependent on innovations in materials research. Therefore, this minor is particularly appropriate for biology, chemistry, or biochemistry majors or premedical (veterinary or dental) students, especially those interested in the high-tech industry or medical research. The minor may also be attractive to anyone with an interest in science and/or problem solving and laboratory skills.


20 credits chosen as follows:

  • PHYS 112 Fundamentals of Physics I
  • PHYS 113 Fundamentals of Physics II
  • PHYS 120 Materials: Properties (2 credits)
       or PHYS 121 Materials: Structure (2 credits)
  • PHYS 201 Wave Phenomena and Introduction to Modern Physics

Chose six credits from the following:

  • PHYS 120 Materials: Properties (2 credits)
  • PHYS 121 Materials: Structure (2 credits)
  • PHYS 220 Materials Modeling (2 credits)
  • PHYS 300 Mechanics
  • PHYS 305 Electricity and Magnetism
  • PHYS 310 Material Research Methods I
  • PHYS 311 Materials Research Methods II
  • PHYS 331 Thermodynamics and Kinetics
  • PHYS 332 Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Structure