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Minor in Psychology

Minor in Psychology

The minor in psychology includes PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychological Science, one course from the basic processes area (PSYC 243 Cognitive Psychology, PSYC 244 Drugs and Behavior, PSYC 245 Learning and Conditioning, or PSYC 247 Perception), and any three electives in psychology.

FAQ about the Minor in Psychology


How do I declare a Minor in Psychology?

In addition to taking five classes in Psychology as described below, you must fill out the Declaration of Minor form from the Registrar's office. It requires the signature of the Chair of the Psychology Department. If all you need is a signature, you can leave the completed form in the Psychology Department Office, S173. I'll sign and either forward it to the Registrar, or leave it for you to pick up, whatever you prefer. If you would like advice about completing the Minor or Psychology courses or careers, please visit the office hours or make an appointment with any faculty member.

If I take a class Pass/Fail can it count towards a Minor in Psychology?


If I take a Psychology class at another Institution can it count towards a Minor at Simmons?


You need a minimum of five Psychology classes to get a Minor in Psychology. Any number of them can be taken elsewhere and transferred in and/or they may be taken pass/fail and still count towards your minor.

What classes do I take to complete the Minor?

One of the classes should be Psyc 101 Introduction to Psychological Science.

One of the classes must be from the Basic Processes category of Psychology courses.

You may take ANY additional Psychology courses to complete your Minor, including Psyc 237 & Psyc 220 (which do not count towards the Major). Nursing 348 may count as a Psychology class towards completing the Minor in Psychology.

What are Basic Processes courses in Psychology?

Basic Processes courses include:

  • Psyc 243 Cognitive Psychology
  • Psyc 244 Drugs and Behavior
  • Psyc 245 Learning and Conditioning
  • Psyc 247 Perception

Starting with the Class of 2016, Psyc 232 Health Psychology will no longer count as a Basic Processes course. If you have taken a class at another Institution and are not sure if it qualifies as a Basic Processes course, please send a copy of the course syllabus and catalog description to the Psychology Department Chair for a ruling.

Can Statistics courses like Math 118 or 227 count towards the Minor?

No. Although Math 118 Statistics is a requirement for the Simmons Psychology Major, statistics courses do NOT count towards the Minor.

Can Nursing 348 Nursing Care of Clients in the Psychiatric-Mental Health Setting count as one of the five required courses for a Minor?


As of Academic Year 2013-14, Nursing 348 may count towards a Minor in Psychology without any special approval or paperwork.

I received Simmons credits for taking Advanced Placement (AP) Psychology, how does that affect the requirements for the Minor?

You get Simmons credit if you earned a 4 or 5 on the AP Psychology exam and you have the OPTION of skipping Psyc 101. CHANGE IN POLICY: If you do opt out of taking Introduction to Psychological Science, AP Psychology credits can count as Psyc 101 towards meeting the requirements for your Minor.

(Tip: If you use your AP score of 4 or 5 in place of Psyc 101, you may need to go over this with the Registrar's office in order for them to code your transcript appropriately so you can automatically register for Psychology courses that have Intro as a prerequisite.)

Please refer to the current College Catalog for additional details.