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About Materials Science

About Materials Science

What are materials? The substance of civilizations past and present! From stone, iron, and bronze to steel, rubber, glass, and polythene. Technological advances in all areas, from growing artificial skin to developing faster computers, are critically dependent on advances in materials research.

Materials scientists and engineers study the structure and properties of materials. They design new types of materials and tailor the properties of existing materials to create new products and applications. In addition to established areas of materials science, emerging fields are yielding new materials that will impact the future and change our lives—perhaps sooner than we can imagine.


Materials scientists and engineers find employment opportunities in every industrial sector, from communications technology and the computer industry, to biotechnology and chemical engineering. If shaping the future is an idea that captures your imagination, then you might want to explore careers in the realm of materials research. The Women in Materials program provides a hands-on opportunity to check it out.