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Caila Nikitas

Caila Nikitas

Hometown: Lancaster, Massachusetts
Major: Psychobiology with a concentration in Neurobiology
Class: 2010

Simmons activities: Alzheimer's research lab, College Republicans

Resume builder: "As a first-year student, I was thrilled to work in Alzheimer's research lab. This is an opportunity that you do not get at most big colleges. Initially I did chores around the lab, but eventually I started doing my own experiments. I also learned how to use the UV spectrophotometer, do dissections, and make cell cultures."

Why Simmons: "The special attention that Simmons gives each and every student was evident from the moment I received my acceptance letter. I was impressed with how Simmons admission counselors took time to comment on the goals I had made in high school. They made an effort to know who I was. As a student, I find Simmons's women-only environment refreshing. I'm comfortable expressing my views in class and I know that my opinion is valued. In just one year, I have learned that I can be feminine and strong, without sacrificing my beliefs."

Favorite class: "Pig Slaughter, Poverty, and Communist Propaganda -- my first-year multidisciplinary core course. I know the name is intimidating, but basically the course examined classical children's literature, and we analyzed whether or not books warranted their status as a 'classic.' I enjoyed reading some of my favorite children's books from a critical perspective."

Insider tip: "My favorite place in Boston is the North End. My friends and I go there to buy cannoli, sit by the harbor, and talk."

After Simmons: "I want to conduct research in neurobiology—working in Dr. Gray's lab helped me figure that out. I really enjoy learning about the brain. I plan to get a Ph.D. in neuroscience, pursue a career in research, and perhaps become a professor myself."

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