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Theme Posters

Simmons provides housing for many of our students, including undergraduate, Dix Scholars, graduate, and students with special needs. In addition, we provide a variety of supportive interest and theme communities each year that focus on events related to the floor theme. If you have any questions about our communities or have a suggestion for a future theme, feel free to contact us.

For the 2014-2015 year, Simmons College will be offering several special interest and theme communities!

Theme Communities:

  • Sports Pride Floor (Simmons Hall, 3rd Floor, Brookline Ave side)
  • Foodie Floor (Mesick Hall, 4th Floor)
  • Arts & Crafts (Morse Hall, 4th Floor)

Special Interest Communities:

  • Wellness Community (South Hall 1st-4th floors)
  • Women-Only Floor (Simmons 1st floor, Pilgrim Rd.)
  • Substance-Free Floor (Simmons 4th floor, Pilgrim Rd.)

Read on to find out more about these communities.

Special Interest Communities

Women-Only Floor

Location: Simmons Hall, 1st Floor Pilgrim Rd. Side - 4 double rooms available
This community is for students who prefer the privacy of not having male overnight guests or male guests using their bathroom. Students will commit to creating a comfortable environment for their neighbors by being respectful of the frequency of male guests. This community would accommodate the needs of religiously observant women (for example, observant Christian, Muslim, and Jewish women) as well as welcome all other women who are interested!

Substance-Free Floor:

Simmons Hall, 4th Floor
Students who live on this floor agree to be smoke-free, drug-free, and alcohol-free. They agree to respect the substance-free environment (even if they are over the age of 21), by not using substances in the hall or entering the hall under the influence of substance.


Students seeking more information on spiritual life at Simmons, such as information on the Kosher kitchen, ablution facilities, and prayer/reflection space on the residence campus should visit the Spiritual Life page.

Wellness Community

Wellness Story

Curious about Wellness living? Hear how South Hall residents describe "wellness."

  • "Maintaining your own type of happiness: physically, emotionally, mentally."
  • "Getting enough sleep, eating right, exercising regularly, having balance in your life."
  • "Being in a healthy state of mind and being substance free!"
  • "Wellness is the embodiment of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness. They have to be balanced in a way you, as an individual, feel comfortable and happy with."
  • "Wellness is a mind, body, and soul that is centered and a person who has a healthy relationship with others and herself."
  • "Wellness to me means living a balanced life and caring for both your physical health and your mental and spiritual health, both of which are different to each individual."
  • "Lots and lots and lots of sleep!"

FAQ: South Hall/Wellness Community

So what does it really mean to live in the Wellness Community?

South Hall 1st-4th floors is a substance-free environment, where individuals embrace different concepts of wellness. Residents are expected to attend hall events and actively participate in the community.

I heard that since South Hall residents no longer have to sign a contract, the policies in South have been relaxed. Is this true?

It is true that South Hall residents are not required to sign a contract. However, by choosing to live in South, students agree to uphold the principles that were stated in this contract. They agree to respect the substance-free environment (even if they are over the age of 21), by not using substances in the hall or entering the hall under the influence of substances.

But isn't South just like any other hall in terms of its policies? What will really happen if I break them?

In terms of behavior policy, South Hall rules are very similar to other halls - all halls are substance-free in the sense that alcohol consumption is illegal under 21. However, the culture is also different in South Hall. Not only does this behavior go against the college policy, it also goes against the values of our community. The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to relocate students who do not respect the standards of the Wellness Community to other halls.

Is there a cap on how many returning students can live in South?

Yes. Due to South's popularity we will cap returning students at 60% of the building. This leaves at least 40% of the spaces for incoming 1st year students.

Is the 5th floor part of the Wellness Community?

No, the 5th floor will be open for selection starting with Graduate Student and Dix Scholar selection. While the residents will not be required to be alcohol-free if they are over the age of 21 the South Hall 5th floor will be asked to sign an agreement to respect the fact that South Hall 1st-4th floors are Wellness.

Theme Communities

Sports Pride Floor

Location: Simmons Hall, 3rd floor, Brookline side
Imagine living on a floor where you are surrounded by sports enthusiasts like yourself. Next year, you'll walk down to Fenway Park and enjoy the crowds together on Opening Day. Picture yourself creating a March Madness bracket with friends on your floor, and shouting at the TV with fellow football fans. Imagine cheering on Simmons sports teams with your floor all year long. As a resident on the Sports Pride Floor, you'll get to help run, plan, and enjoy a Tailgate Party before a Simmons sporting event. This is just one of the many awesome benefits and programs catered specifically to you, as a Sports Pride Floor resident. When sports fans get together there is bound to be a whole lot of fun!

Sports Pride Floor Benefits:

  • Attend a pep rally with floor mates to support Simmons' sport teams
  • Participate together in intramural sports teams
  • Watch games together with your floor mates in the common room
  • The chance to win free passes to tour Fenway Park and Red Sox, Celtics, or Bruins tickets
  • Programming around your favorite activity: SPORTS
  • And much MUCH more!

Foodie Floor

Location: Mesick Hall, 4th Floor
Are you a self-proclaimed "foodie?" Do you live, sleep, and breath good food? Is your TV permanently stuck on the Food Network? Are you passionate about nutritious recipes and healthy cooking? Then the Foodie Floor is for you! Imagine living on a floor with other food lovers like yourself. Imagine having floor outings to local restaurants each semester and enjoying the diverse food options that Boston Restaurant Week has to offer every spring. Imagine having cooking parties in your hall with your floor mates. As a resident on the Foodie Floor you'll learn all about nutrition, eating healthy, and you'll get to hold your own "Top Chef" cook-off contests. These are just some of the many special benefits and programming about all things food-related you'll get on this floor!

Foodie Floor Benefits:

  • Cooking parties in the newly renovated Mesick kitchen
  • Monthly healthy eating and nutrition programming, run by Eat @ Simmons
  • "Top Chef" Cook-off contest between residents
  • Special programming around food and healthy eating
  • Programming around your favorite activity: Food!
  • And much MUCH more!

Arts and Crafts Floor

Location: Morse Hall, 4th floor
Do you consider yourself "crafty?" Are you always finding ways to repurpose things for new room decor? Do you enjoy making your own jewelry? Do you find yourself wandering the aisles of craft stores? If any of these things describe you, then you belong on the Arts & Crafts Floor! This community will be full of students that enjoy nothing more than using their skills to create crafts, art projects, decorations and more. Residents can look forward to getting involved in regular craft nights, shopping trips to area craft stores, learning new crafting techniques, and more!

As a resident of the Arts & Crafts floor you'll get to help plan what types of crafts will be featured for the floor as well as what types of craft projects should be planned for the rest of the residence community. When craft lovers get together there are bound to be many fun times and creative outcomes!

Arts and Crafts Floor Benefits:

  • Special guests brought to campus to help residents learn new craft techniques
  • Special access to craft supplies and craft programs for floor residents only
  • Frequent craft outings to events like the Bizarre Bazaar, local craft stores, and more
  • Jewelry making lessons and supplies
  • Programming around your favorite activity: crafting!
  • And much MUCH more!