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Major in General Education & ESL

Major in General Education & ESL

The Program in English as a Second Language prepares teachers to work with non-native English speakers in public schools in self-contained and pull-out classrooms at middle and high school levels. This program should be taken concurrently with a major in one of the liberal arts or sciences. A strong background in a second language and culture is necessary, and a semester abroad is strongly encouraged. (Students interested in ESL should contact the MATESL program for specific advising.)

First Year

  • Modern language (101, 102, or appropriate level)
  • PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychological Science
  • EDUC 156 Schools in an Era of Change

Sophomore Year

  • Modern language (201, 202, or appropriate level)
  • PSYC 236 Psychology of Adolescence
  • *GEDUC 460 Teaching Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom

Junior Year

  • Modern language (240, 245, or appropriate level
  • *TESL 479 Teaching English as a Second Language Methodology and Curriculum Development
  • *ML 310 Introduction to Linguistics and English Grammar
  • *ML 408 Second Language Acquisition (summer only)

Senior Year

  • TESL 451 Bilingualism and Language Variation in Multicultural Settings
  • *TESL 445 Reading and Writing in a Second Language
  • *EDUC 385 Practicum: ESL (Grades 5—12) and the accompanying practicum seminar

* Includes fieldwork