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What's hot about Boston? Art, music, history, amazing cultural institutions, the nightlife, Newbury Street — and more than 300,000 other college students. Located on the Atlantic coast, Boston is approximately 200 miles (320 km) northeast of New York City. It is the largest city in the New England region and has a well-earned reputation as the best "college town" in the U.S., with more than 50 colleges and universities in the Greater Boston area.

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Exploring Boston - Tips from our bloggers

The best of Boston

With its rich culture and top ranked universities, it's no surprise that many people fall in love with Boston. It ranks among the best in the nation for innovation, history, athletics, and more, and Simmons College is lucky to be located in the heart of it all. Here's a list of the best of Boston.

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Boston To Do List: 6 For Spring

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Our neighborhood

Simmons's main campus and residence campus are located in Boston's vibrant Fenway neighborhood, next door to the Longwood Medical Area's internationally famous teaching hospitals and biomedical research centers. From campus, students can walk to numerous cafes, colleges, museums, shops, parks, performance venues, and movie theaters.

How to get around

The T

Getting around Boston is a breeze, as long as you don't have to drive. Boston is a walking city, which is a great advantage for Simmons students. And you can always take the T – a.k.a. the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, Boston's public transportation system. With more than 60 miles of track snaking through the city and beyond, any place you want to go is just a train ride away. Hop the Red Line to Harvard Square. Take the Green Line to the North End for cappuccino and cannoli. Ride the Blue Line to Revere Beach (or the airport). Or catch the Orange Line to Jamaica Plain for eclectic music, food, and culture.

Boston weather

Boston has four seasons with distinct weather. The entire New England region is famous for its brilliant autumn colors. Winter is cold, with frequent snow from December through February. Spring weather warms up by April, and flowers bloom in the parks and gardens surrounding Simmons. Summertime in Boston is often hot and humid — perfect weather for the beach.

Winter day

Average Temperatures in Boston:

Season Fahrenheit Celsius
Autumn 46° - 60° F 8° - 15° C
Winter 0° - 37° F –17° - 3° C
Spring 38° - 60° F 3° - 15° C
Summer 60° - 95° F 15° - 35° C

Insider tips about Boston and beyond

Check out a band

"For a more intimate concert setting, check out the Paradise Rock Club on Commonwealth Avenue or The Middle East on Massachusetts Avenue in Central Square. A lot of well-known, up-and-coming bands perform there and tickets are cheap." - Ana Vasquez '09

Save money with your student ID

"Not only does your Fenway ID card provide access to services on the Simmons campus, it also works as a discount card for concerts, plays, and other events in the Fenway neighborhood and around Boston. As a Simmons student, you can enter many of Boston's museums and historic buildings for free. Use your ID to save money and check out all that Boston has to offer!" - Quinn Retmier '09

Explore on foot

"One of the best days I spent in Boston was walking from Simmons to the North End with my roommate. I discovered some awesome places along the way, including a gelato shop in the North End, a delicious pizza baker on Newbury Street, the fountains in the public garden, and more. It's refreshing to explore the city without the confines of riding the T." - Gabrielle Rossetti '11

Experience nature

"On Huntington Avenue, catch the #39 bus to experience Jamaica Pond and the Arboretum. All of that is easily within reach, free, and pretty much city life as it should be." - English Professor Lowry Pei

Become a Red Sox fan

"Simmons is literally down the street from Fenway Park. Take advantage of our close proximity to the ballpark to stand in line for game-day tickets on an afternoon when you finish classes early." - Kaitie Chakoian '08

Things to do

You won't run out of things to do Boston. Many activities are free or discounted with your student ID. Here are just a few highlights:

Nearby Restaurants

There are several nearby neighborhoods, including Fenway, Mission Hill, Kenmore Square, and Newbury Street, that each have great restaurants where you can get a bite to eat, big or small. Here are a few to get you started:

For Lunch

Lunch or Dinner

For Dinner

Anytime treats

Eating Ice Cream